Frustarado. Memorias de un paraguas transilvano.

I think I haven’t overcome adolescence properly and I suspect I’ll never do.









Don’t know yet if I should be worried about that or not.

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salva ferrer -

Bah, eso no es más que un rasgo de lo que tú eres. No creo que merezca una preocupación, te saldrían canas para nada!

Por cierto, si oigo tu teclado sonar a lo bestia estaré encantado de leer el resultado!

la sombri -

I Will (as long as my parents don't keep on telling me stuff like "Don't close your bedroom door!" or "Turn that f*****g music down!"... I think I can bear...

-taticha- -

I think... you can enjoy your "new adolescence"... No! You MUST do it! :-D

Oh Yeah Penguin -


Wherever men and ogling are involved, there must be some sort of side effect to being in your early twenties* too, hehehe.

Hypothetically speaking, tho.


teenage sombri -

Maybe you're right, and the wisest thing to do is not to worry about it, but I can't help wondering things like "And what about men? I mean... What if there is this hypothetical eighteen year old boy you can't take your hypothetical eyes off of him?"... Suppose wondering is nothing but a secondary effect of teenagerism


Teenage Penguin -

Worried, concerned, uneasy, uncomfy, spotty, sulking... well, take your pick.

On the other hand, you could choose to feel fine with it and see what happens :-)

(Since 30s are the new 20s, 20s are the new teens, so my advice is enjoy the ride!)