Frustarado. Memorias de un paraguas transilvano.






"Actually, we are really different, you and me"

The man stared at her in silence. After a while he said: "Yes, I reckon we are"

And they didn’t say a word for the whole night.




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Andrea Tatiana -

But... That's beautiful, isn't it?

Mental Penguin -

Hehehe... I'm scarily accurate, like those FB apps.

Tarot and clownism help, tho.

And dope too :D

La sombri -

Justo eso, justoesojustoeso, es lo que estaban pensando.

¡Ya has aprendido a leer mentes!
¡Ya has aprendido a leer mentes... a distancia!

Penguin of the North West -

"I don't understand you, you don't understand me, what else do we have in common?"