Frustarado. Memorias de un paraguas transilvano.

Intento de suicidio nº 2.

Intento de suicidio nº 2. The man who is talking by the phone
is walking up and down with the celular next to his ear.
Some heads (my mother's ) think he's enjoyning a erotic line, and he's choosen
the square where we live because it's a lonely and solitary place.
Other minds (more sensitive ones) think he is really talking to nobody,
he pretends he's talking to somebody, and
he believes he is talking to somebody.
And I,
I look at him as a night ritual.
I see him as I see the street furniture or fixtures.
The same as a streetlamp, but less alive than a tree.
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5 comentarios

O.C.P. -

Isolated umbrella? Ni hablar.

Bien por volver a escribir tras estos días silenciosa. Echaba de menos mirar por tus ojos.

Deyecteitor -

He is almost hidden because he wants no one to know wether he speaks or not or to whom... So, if it makes him happy... let him pretend to be alone

Peter O´cheddar -

Actually... nobody is no one. He should write longer comments, I guess.

This time you got me. WTF are you talking about, isolated umbrella?

I promise i will reply your email asap. Stress is all i´ve got and i must do the ironing before shirts and trousers get alive and kill me...


la sombrilla insolada contesta: -

Nobody is everywhere.

Nobody -

I wasn't talking with him.
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres