Frustarado. Memorias de un paraguas transilvano.

Trying in English.

Trying in English. Could I write it in English? I wonder it every night.
Could I? Should I?...maybe I could...
But my teachers say "no, you can't" "Your English is a mess!"
And I say..."hey...why is it a mess? It is not your English, it is my English"
It is the same excuse I tell my parents when we talk about my bedroom "It is my bedroom, not yours...Don't tell me where I have to place my shoes!". It doesen't work with my parents...I suspect it won't work with my teachers....

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Caro Diario (ÉL/LUI) -

My pencil and my book are on the desk... ;-)
Welcome to the polylenguage binnacles...

el comeorejas -

remembers, anonymous alcoholics don't approve that teaching method

Freakbeast -

Days ago, I wrote an article in english for my "bitacora" too, but I deleted it.
It´s curious that both had the same idea.
Sometimes I write in english, ´couse I think is my second language.
I´ve got an australian friend and I love to speak with him. He´s teaching my, fillin´ my gramatical holes, but I´ve not enough patience to stay in his classes (he´s english teacher), so my particular classes usually are by night, with a beer in our hands. Believe me: is the best way to learn.
Se you, friend.